Leading BPM SaaS Solutions Provider

The Problem

Client needed to quickly build a world-class IT organization after securing funding. The team would have to build their business process management (BPM) SaaS solution from the ground up.

  • No in-house IT team with capabilities in the newest technologies
  • Need to still codify ideas and business needs into a marketable product
  • Need to architect the new application for growth, performance, and stability
  • Must keep quality as the key driver throughout the project

The Solution

Built a well architected, scalable, resilient, stable, and responsive web application, including iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Web app with full functionality
  • iOS and Android apps
  • React, React Native, PHP, Laravel, mySQL, AWS, Twilio, Sentry, Curl
  • Strong DevOps to support continuous development and integration
  • Well defined API set for future integrations

The Result

Launched product on time constantly bringing in clients with as many as 8,000 employees onto the platform successfully.

  • Able to begin the on boarding of revenue generating clients immediately
  • Able to timely respond to clients’ new functionality needs and updates
  • Helped client achieve financial break even within 12 months of launch