February 2021

The ROI of Software Test Automation

Trends in Testing Automation

Testing is seen as something quickly done at the end of a long software development effort.  Believing that the bulk of the effort should be devoted to development, and not to quality assurance, often results in delayed deployments, loss of business, unsatisfied customers, and potentially even litigation.

Thankfully, the world is coming around to seeing testing as a must-have capability to avoid these problems, especially as CI/CD continues to become the standard software deployment practice.

DevTestOps, autonomous test automation, AI/ML supported testing and crowdsource testing are some of the newest areas in automation testing we are seeing out there.

Below you will find some interesting articles discussing the state-of-the-market in testing automation.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking books, blogs, and videos about emerging trends in the technology world:


What is Test Automation? A Simple, Clear Introduction

By testim

Test automation improves quality with speed, but not all testing can or should be automated. Getting the right mix of tests is critical to to get the best return on the investment.

A test automation system coordinates testing concerns, including managing test data, running tests, and tracking results. Test automation is the next step for teams that are becoming overwhelmed by the burden of repeating the same manual tests over and over again.



Complete Guide to Test Automation

By Arnon Axelrod

This is a comprehensive guide to exploring and building testing automation. The book highlights that using test automation efficiently and properly is not trivial. Evaluating cost/benefit trade-offs is also critical to help test automation efforts succeed and not to end up in the “graveyard” of software projects.



Best Automation Tools for 2021

By Brian Anderson

This article lists the top tools believed to best address the challenges in testing automation over the next few years based on the following criteria:

  • Supporting API and services testing
  • Offering some AI/ML and analytics capabilities
  • Popularity and maturity

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