May 2020

Strengthen Teams, Build People

The challenge of building high-performance remote teams

The challenges of the pandemic have forced organizations to rethink how people are brought together in a safe and effective manner.  We know it is possible to build remote teams that perform at or better than traditional co-located teams.  The advantage of the technology world we live in is that we have already been effectively integrating teams across the world for years.  So, what have we learned so far?

  • Is it possible to build remote teams as effective as co-located teams?
  • Is it possible to maintain the culture of an organization across remote teams?
  • Is it possible to develop a sense of belonging in remote team members to drive commitment?

We believe that an experienced and committed team can make the jump to the new distributed/remote world and emerge stronger than ever.

In this issue of The Dev Digest, we explore ideas on how to go remote without missing a beat, just in time for the reopening of the business world.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking books, articles and podcasts about building more resilient technology organizations:

The 4 Things Resilient Teams Do

Harvard Business Review
Insightful findings based on a survey of almost 2,000 NCAA coaches.


Top 10 Podcasts Every CTO Should Listen To

A list of useful podcasts where any CTO can find inspiration, motivation, industry news or something else that can help deal with the increasing challenges of managing technology in today’s world.

Distributed Teams:  The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart

By John O’Duinn
This book will help high-performance teams across your organization regardless of where they are located physically.  Lost of pragmatic observations and insights.

Let us know if you would like to discuss these or any other relevant technology topics in more detail as you continue to strengthen your organization in preparation for the good times ahead.

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