May 2023

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) Are Trending

PWAs Significantly Enhance UX

The goal of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) is to combine the best features of web and mobile applications into a more powerful UX.

PWAs offer enhanced performance, offline capabilities, and seamless user experiences across various devices and platforms that quickly result in more engaging experiences.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles, videos, and blog posts around PWAs.


How to Optimize Progressive Web Apps: Beyond the Basics

By Gert Svaiko

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are more popular than ever because of the proven benefits of higher conversion rates, customer engagement, decreased page loading speed, and lower costs on development and overhead.

Twitter, Uber, Tinder, Pinterest, and Forbes boast about massive benefits from implementing PWAs.

This is an insightful article into this topic.



PWA Best Practices: Tips for Designing Great Progressive Web Apps

By Medium

A good compilation of great tips from renowned UX experts to make sure you follow the best practices when designing your Progressive Web App.

Seamless waiting, reduced friction, less is more, keep things simple, think offline are just some of the topics discussed in this article.



Learning Progressive Web Apps

By John M. Wargo

This book focuses on the technologies that enable PWAs and how to use those technologies to enhance your web apps to deliver a more native-like experience such as apps that work offline, apps that use caching strategies, background processing, and push notifications.

The book introduces each core concept and illustrates the implementation of each capability through several complete, operational examples.


The PWA Cheat Sheet for 2023

By GDG France

A nice and succinct 45-minute video on the state of PWA, thing to consider, tips, and words of wisdom.

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