November 2020

Is Rapid Prototyping Still a Thing?

Build a Strong Business Case

Rapid prototyping is still a thing and rapid prototyping for mobile apps is even a bigger thing.  Sometimes it is hard to visualize the benefits of extending an enterprise application to the mobile world.  Rapid prototyping is an effective way to help business executives see what is possible.

Strong business cases can then be built based on benefits like:

  • Increased productivity – by saving employees time
  • Better business outcomes with faster decision making
  • Better customer support that results in increased sales
  • Improved communications across the enterprise reducing costly errors

In this edition of the MangoChango Newsletter, we explore the world of possibilities that opens up when leveraging rapid prototyping to uncover hidden business benefits.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking books, blogs, and videos about building more valuable software:

Design Thinking in Software and AI Projects: Proving Ideas Through Rapid Prototyping

By Robert Stackowiak

This book provides a good foundation that shows how Design Thinking plays a critical role in software and AI prototype development in the early stages of highly innovative IT endeavors, especially as it relates to building a business case for funding.


26 Mobile App Design Prototyping Tools in 2019-2020

By Shrikant Srivastava

A crucial part of any UI/UX design and mobile app prototype is a representation of how an application would flow from one action to the next.
This article looks at the most promising prototyping tools for UX/UI designers in 2019-2020.

UX Events: UX Conferences 2021

By UIUX Trend

The best way to learn of the latest developments in design and prototyping is to meet other professionals who share the same passion as you.

These UX Conferences will keep you up to date with the latest in User Experience design, trends, tech and integrations.

MangoChango’s leverages rapid prototyping and strong UI/UX principles to helps our clients deliver on their business case benefits.

MangoChango’s engineers are experts in a wide variety of technologies, frameworks, tools, and languages, with an emphasis on continuous learning as new thinking, tools, and techniques come to market.

Check here for more information and to explore our technology assessment and maturity framework.

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