March 2023

Is Cloud Computing Autoscaling Real?

Does Autoscaling require no monitoring once set up?

Autoscaling is a cloud computing feature to scale cloud services such as server capacities or virtual machines up or down automatically, based on defined situations such as traffic or utilization levels.

Benefits include lower costs and reliable performance despite the unpredictable demand from applications.  It eliminates the need to respond manually in real-time to traffic spikes.

Autoscaling functionality offered by all major cloud computing providers is mature, well tested, and becoming widely used by mission critical applications everywhere.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles and blog posts around Autoscaling.


Auto Scaling

By AVI Networks

Auto scaling is a cloud computing technique for dynamically allocating computational resources. Auto scaling and load balancing are related because an application typically scales based on load balancing serving capacity.

The serving capacity of the load balancer is one of several metrics (including cloud monitoring metrics and CPU utilization) that shapes the auto scaling policy.

This article offers a nice overview of the state-of-the-market in Autoscaling.



Kubernetes Autoscaling: 3 Methods and How to Make Them Great

By Spot by NetApp

Kubernetes lets you automate things like provisioning and scaling. You are able to create automated processes to respond quickly to peaks in demand and to scale down when resources are not needed. It can also be used with a cluster autoscaler.

This article covers 3 kubernetes autoscaling methods in detail including best practics.

  • Horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA)
  • Vertical pod autoscaler
  • Cluster autoscaler

An AWS Video on Autoscaling

By Stephane Maarek

This is a quick 7 minute instructional video about AWS’ Auto Scaling Groups to scale in and out EC2 instances.  It makes use of great diagrams to explain complex concepts.



Azure: Autoscaling

By Martin Ekuan

This article covers how Azure provides its built-in Autoscaling capabilities for most compute options, including:

  • Azure Virtual Machines

  • Service Fabric, which also supports autoscaling through virtual machine scale sets.

  • Azure App Service, which has built-in autoscaling.

  • Azure Cloud Services, which has built-in autoscaling at the role level.

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