February 2023

Is AI Coming After Software Dev Jobs?

Is AI Generated Code Really Useful?

Software developers love problem-solving and creativity.  Developers find it more satisfying to think about what design patterns to use, or how to architect a solution that implements a particular logic, drives an outcome, or solves a problem as opposed to the rote memorization of syntax or ordering of parameters.

When using AI code generators (e.g., Copilot or ChatGPT) developers tend to “stay in the flow”. They spend less time browsing reference documents and online forums like StackOverflow to find solutions. Instead, they prompt their preferred AI tool with a text description and get code that is mostly correct.

The future of software development is fundamentally changing as we speak!

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles and blog posts around AI Generated Code.


Battle of the Giants: GitHub Copilot vs ChatGPT

By Tapajyoti Bose

The release of ChatGPT sent ripples through the programming community as it is able to come up with incredible code snippets. This article discusses how it compares to GitHub Copilot which was released last year.  Is AI coming after software developers’ jobs?


all-in-on-ai-how smart companies-use-ai

All-in on AI: How Smart Companies Win Big with AI

By Tom Davenport

This book includes strategies and best practices for things like how to increase an organization’s overall AI fluency, how to deploy AI tools systematically across core business processes, and how to drive new business models with AI and data-driven decision making.



7 Ways AI Is Being Used in Web Development

By Monica J. White

This article outlines 7 of the most common uses of AI technologies in web development, including coding assistants, voice-based searching, smart testing, embedded SEO, and others.



GitHub vs. Copilot: Which One Should You Use and When?

By Dan Lamay

It seems like everyone is familiar with ChatGPT at this point. GitHub’s Copilot uses the same AI technology and is far more capable of increasing coding efficiency, productivity and overall output. But it is not as well known.  This video focuses on the value proposition for developers.

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