October 2022

Headless Architecture: The New Normal

Headless Means Agility

The customer experience you deliver today has probably become your key differentiator.  To continue to effectively meet your customer’s ever-changing demands, your underpinning technology must provide incredible flexibility and agility.

A Headless/MACH/Composable Architecture means that you can take your customer insights and use them to drive a decoupled front-end (UX and creative) that will never be constrained by your back-end systems.

But the impact goes beyond just what the customer experiences. A Headless Architecture also enables things such as:

  • Gradual extinction of legacy systems as budgets and/or internal business readiness allows (microservices)
  • Content that can be “created once, distributed anywhere” eliminating duplicate efforts
  • Auto-scaling that smooth out peak traffic spikes

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles, blog posts, and videos on Headless Architecture:


Headless Architecture.  Why It’s Becoming the New Normal

By Jasvent Singh

The headless architecture concept has been around for a while. As more companies continue to adapt headless architectures for their e-commerce platforms, its maturity and stability continues to improve.

This article aims to cover the basics and to explain why this should be on your radar if you are thinking about building or re-engineering a digital commerce platform.



Hunting for the Best Headless CMS Out There


This is a good list of headless content management systems (CMSs) even though it is compiled and published by one of them.

Modular and headless CMS platforms allow enterprise content teams to quickly produce high-quality omnichannel content while freeing developers to build compelling digital experiences using the technologies of their choice.



Headless Architecture Fundamentals: The Basics You Need to Know

By Going Headless with John

Headless architecture is a modern way of building and deploying systems, especially customer engagement platforms like eCommerce and content management systems (CMSs).

Through his experience building headless CMS solutions, the author covers concepts like headless, MACH architecture, and Composable.

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