January 2023

GitOps… The Next DevOps?

And Things Keep Getting More Exciting

GitOps is a new way of managing and deploying software with a set of practices that help you deploy software more reliably. It involves Git to store all your manifest files and Kubernetes to deploy the application. Is it time to look beyond DevOps to deploy applications in a predictable manner?  Here are some of the benefits GitOps can deliver:

  • Increased developer productivity
  • Ability to track changes through time
  • Everything in a declarative approach
  • Easy infrastructure management
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Better Continuous Delivery
  • Better security with security-as-code strategy
  • Reduced downtime

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles and blog posts around GitOps.


DevOps vs GitOps: Top Differences

By Abhresh Sugandhi

This is a guide that compares GitOps and DevOps. It explores the main differences between them including benefits of each model and key considerations when trying to decide which way to go.



GitOps and Kubernetes

By Billy Yuen

This book explores the idea of managing your infrastructure with the same Git pull requests you use to manage your codebase.

It includes GitOps techniques and best practices to accelerate application development without compromising on security to easily roll back infrastructure changes, and to seamlessly introduce new team members to your automation process.



6 Actionable GitOps Best Practices to Get You Started

By Pavan Belagatti

Here is a compilation of six actionable GitOps best practices to have all the necessary infrastructure components up and running before pushing code to production.  Better outcomes and more productive collaboration is the ultimate goal.



Getting Started with GitOps

By Jesse Butler

This video starts with an introduction to GitOps and its benefits. The video walks through an implementation for Amazon EKS and discusses each component along the way.  It then looks at a fully working example going over good practices as well as challenges to plan for.

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