August 2022

Continuous Delivery Trends

CI/CD: Mission Critical?

CI/CD, if implemented well, can radically reduce the software development lifecycle while maintaining quality standards.  How can this not be a competitive advantage?

CI/CD also signals a culture change. When integrated into the DevOps approach, it breaks down the silos between Operations and Development teams. Another critical step forward.

This month, we explore the latest trends and ideas around continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles, blog posts, and videos on CI/CD:


A Year in Review: CI/CD Trends Through the Eyes of Buddy

By Buddy

This is nice report that analyzed 9,634 accounts registered in 2021 that exhibited consistent activity throughout the year.

Buddy examined their habits, tools, frameworks, programming languages, and the overall shape of their delivery workflows. Very interesting.



Pipeline as Code: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Terraform

By Mohamed Labouardy

It is time to start thinking about the development pipeline as a mission-critical application.

This book explores techniques for implementing code-driven infrastructure and CI/CD workflows using Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, and cloud-native services.



The Ideal and Practical CI/CD Pipeline – Concepts Overview

By Be A Better Dev

CI/CD could be considered the pinnacle of ideal software development. Using CI/CD, developers can rapidly build, test, and deploy code with the utmost confidence that any problem will be caught by the robust pipeline.

This video shows what an Ideal CI / CD pipeline looks like. It focuses on the concepts instead of specific technologies, and leaves it to you to select the framework of your preference to make this pipeline a reality.



The Pipeline: All Things CD and DevOps

By The Linux Foundation

The Pipeline Podcast offers CD and DevOps practitioners with digital content that is digestible, technical, and industry focused.

The weekly episodes are 30 to 60 minute long discussion with hackers, leaders & innovators of open source software about CD and DevOps emerging practices, trends, and important topic.

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