March 2022

Business Software Is Now Learning and Evolving on the Fly

Machine Learning Tools, Frameworks, and Skills Are Ready For Prime Time

Machine learning, big data, cognitive computing, and deep learning are enabling computers to learn to fulfill objectives based on data and reasoning. This is already changing business in practically every industry.  Machine learning is turbocharging the finding of patterns and automating value extraction in many areas.

Pure AI may be a ways off, but machine learning already offers huge potential.

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking books, blogs, podcasts, and articles around Machine and Deep Learning:


Applications of Machine Learning

By Dr. Prashant Johri

This book covers examples of machine learning applications in human language, streaming data, unmanned systems, neural information processing, marketing and the social sciences, bioinformatics and robotics, etc.



Top PyTorch-Based Projects to Try Out

By Shraddha Goled

Facebook released its open-source machine learning library PyTorch in 2016 and developers and researchers were immediately hooked.  This post lists some cool PyTorch projects to get your imagination going.

For example, an end-to-end fully convolutional one-stage object detector, natural language processing, and multi-class text classification.



PyTorch vs. TensorFlow: Which Framework is Best for your Deep Learning Project

By Vihar Kurama

TensorFlow is a powerful and mature deep learning library with strong visualization capabilities.  It has production-ready deployment options and support for mobile platforms.

PyTorch, on the other hand, is still a young framework with stronger community movement and it’s more Python friendly. Here is an approach to help you decide which you should use for your machine learning project.



10 Applications of Machine Learning

By Jelvix

A succinct 5-minute video with a nice collection of machine learning use cases in a number of industries to give the viewer an idea of how this technology can be applied.

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