December 2022

A New Year, More Cool Technology!

And Things Keep Getting More Exciting

Every year, we step back to take a look at what is happening all around us in terms of technology. AI, augmented reality, copilots, comprehensive frameworks, speed accelerators … there is only one word to describe all of this … exciting!

Here is our monthly curated list of thought-provoking articles and blog posts around what is trending and likely to be something to think about in 2023.


Cloud Computing Trends 2023: Top Predictions, Stats, and Growth Drivers

By SAP Customer Experience

Companies are accelerating their digital transformation.

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that in 2023, worldwide public cloud spending will grow 20.7% to total $591.8 billion, up from $490.3 billion in 2022. And, in 2025, companies will spend more on public cloud services than on traditional IT solutions. 

It would appear that moving to the cloud is no longer optional.


Technology Trends: An Opinionated Guide to Technology Frontiers

By ThoughtWorks

An amazing compilation and classification of current technology trends.  The “radar” classifies languages & frameworks, tools, techniques, and platforms along 4 dimensions: hold, assess, trial, and adopt.

This interactive model allows you to drill down and learn more about any of these technologies in one succinct place.



15 Hot Mobile Application Development Trends for your Business in 2023

By Yevheniia

This article provides a nice overview of some of the upcoming mobile app development trends to follow in 2023.

The list includes things like doing more with augmented reality, more with camera-focused apps, more with 5G technology, and more with voice search, to name a few.

MangoChango’s ability to deliver unquestionable value to its clients is highly dependent on keeping abreast of new technologies and trends. Our clients value this commitment to leading-edge thinking and expertise.

MangoChango’s engineers are experts in a wide variety of technologies, frameworks, tools, and languages, with an emphasis on continuous learning as new thinking, tools, and techniques come to market.

Check here for more information and to explore our technology assessment and maturity framework.

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